I2C Protocol Aware Glitching

I’m looking at using my ChipWhisperer for identifying I2C vulnerabilities. Most I2C implementations are buggy at best, and I would like to find ways to exploit/harden designs against deficiencies in their I2C drivers.

What would it take to enable I2C protocol awareness in ChipWhisperer so that I can glitch the I2C line at specific points in an I2C transaction when the bus is vulnerable? I’m versed in embedded and FPGA so would be interested in working on adding this.

You could try to squeeze in I2C logic onto the CW FPGA and re-purpose some of the IOx pins for it, but the CW-lite FPGA is quite full so this may be hard to fit in.

Have a look at our new PhyWhisperer-USB. It does exactly what you want but for USB. But it does have a bank of 8 extra I/Os that we put in there so that the kind of thing you’re looking to do could be added to it :slight_smile: .

The FPGA has a fair amount of space left on it: