I'm so confusion with this board

Hello everyone, I’m doing tests with the chipwhisperer 308 UFO Board but I’ve some problems. When I do the test with TinyAES I can extract the traces without problems, so I try to do some tests with secAES128 and just I can extract if I put my hand on the cable when I execute the code. I upload the video when I do these experiments and here are the link: https://youtu.be/VVqpCh6mnDY


My first guess would be some sort of connection issue between the ChipWhisperer and the target. Please verify that the 20-pin connector is securely attached. If the problem persists, can you try swapping between TinyAES and secAES to make sure it’s not a firmware issue?


I change for TinyAES and works very well, and when I change to this AES not work as well. Before it’s working fine and now I need to do this. I change the cable and the scope everything I can to do I do it, but now I don’t now

I’ll see if I can verify this happens with my setup as well.

Look for utilizing on TinyAES, works fine with no touch hands hauahuauh