Improved jumpers for the phyWhisperer

In my experience, the standard phyWhisperer 2-pin jumpers on J4 can be a bit difficult to grab and rearrange without using pliers due to the recessed jumper location within the enclosure. The 10mm jumpers are just a bit too short to get without special effort, so I’ve searched for extra-long jumpers that are more comfortable to use.

The 14mm jumpers from Harwin that I found at Mouser work quite nicely, so I can recommend them here. There might be similar designs from other vendors as well.

Part numbers:

  • Harwin M7682-05, black with gold contact finish option (durability)
  • similarly M7681-05 and M7683-05 for other colors

Maybe this is an interesting option for future production runs.

Nice find thanks! We normally use 881545-2 or 2-881545-2 (black & red respectively), I didn’t realize there was taller ones.

I’ll have to try them out - at least for PhyWhisperer where it’s very recessed could be nice. But maybe for others too - I know even with our tall jumpers I sometimes found it hard when you stacked multiple jumpers beside each other to remove one.