Increase sampling rate with CW-Lite

Hello, is there any way I could increase the sampling rate to x8 or x10?? I see that the thing I can do is to set "scope.clock.clkgen_freq ", but the relative sampling rate is always x1 or x4. Besides, every time I set "scope.clock.clkgen_freq " to a different value the capture does not work (I get ack errors or trigger errors).

Thanks in advance,
Asier Zubeldia

No, x1 and x4 are the only possible options.
If you change scope.clock.clkgen_freq, you must change target.baud accordingly, e.g.:

target.baud = 38400 * scope.clock.clkgen_freq /  7.37e6

That’s because the UART is run from the clock, so if the clock speed is doubled, then the UART baud rate doubles too.


Understood! Thanks a lot;)

This is what happens when I change the baud rate

What does scope.clock show? What is your target? Possibly you’ve gone over its maximum allowed frequency?

I have the XMEGA target and i’m trying to set clock_gen to 25MHz and clock_adc to 100MHz. Actually a can set tem both, but then capture fails.

  1. What is the output of scope.clock?
  2. Are you able to communicate with the target if clkgen_freq is slower?

This is what I get:

The ack error is always there, it doesn’t matter what clk_gen I choose. The only time when does not give error is when I don’t change it.

What baud rate are you communicating at?