Installation instructions

I have installed Chipwisperer virtual machine and now have it up and running. However, I think there are some improvements which can be made to make the process much smoother and easier.

For instance, the first thing I would suggest is having a link for the latest version of the virtual machine image. Since there are many versions and it can be confusing and not very easy to find. I think it would be much more helpful than a link to VirtualBox, which is very easy to find by a simple google search. Nonetheless, I don’t think that it should be removed.

Secondly, I think that the commands mentioned in the instructions to be entered by the users should be highlighted in some way, having something similar to the format of


If you are on linux you need to add yourself to the vboxuser

which is mentioned in the Virtual Machine section, would be very practical.
What made me really recognise the value of having commands highlighted is that I have been stuck trying to access Jupyter on Chrome (localhost:8888) for so long (about 2 weeks) and failing to do so. I was thinking that there was a problem with my computer or firewall, blocking the port, so I tried almost everything I could find, without any results. Turns out that I missed out on entering the command jupyter notebook password and setting the password.
The reason is quite simply because it looked like it was part of the previous instruction to reset the device password, and the format of the command is unusual so that didn’t help either.

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