Is it possible to program the Microcontroller on the CW305?

HI,Is it possible to control the MCU on the CW305 to receive the output of the FPGA core?
Thank U

Yup, absolutely! In fact, you should be able to use target.fpga_write() and target.fpga_read() to communicate with the FPGA without needing any firmware changes. This uses the usb_data/usb_addr pins from the schematic:

If you do need to do communication in another way, the firmware is in chipwhisperer\hardware\victims\cw305_artixtarget\fw\sam3u and can be built with Atmel Studio.


As another quick note on this - we recently pushed out an app-note you can find at that discusses the communication protocol.

You’ll find some nice diagrams like this in it:

Thank @Alex_Dewar @coflynn a lot for your helping.

Hi, @Alex_Dewar @coflynn

In addition, I want to know that if it’s possible to implement the Vcc glitch with overshoot amplitude.
Thank you!