Issues with cw lite usb driver on Windows 10

I am trying to set up CW lite ( and CW pro) on my windows 10 laptop Thinkpad T550 x64 based processor. Have followed the instructions here:

When I run a tutorial it says: USB device not found. Did you connect it first ? It is connected. The device manager shows chipwhisperer Lite under other device and its properties says drivers are not installed for this device.

I copied chipwhisperer 5.1.1 files from github to a local directory. I navigated to the local directory:

And ran installer_x64 in that directory. It does not give me any messages whether installation was successful or not. A window appears for a millisecond and disappears.

Can someone please help ?


To install the drivers, you actually have right click the device in Device Manager and click Update Driver. Then navigate to the driver location to install. Sorry about the confusion, I’ll add that to the documentation.


Thank you Alex! Another note for someone who might run into this issue - when you navigate to the driver location to install stop at the directory level and do not go a level below to install the system specific files.