JTAG programmer for UFO targets

I have read in the documentation that many of the UFO targets require a JTAG programmer for firmware loading. I’m extremely inexperienced on the subject… does the JTAG programmer have to be compatible with the specific target or are they all the same?
To be more specific, I’m interested in the following UFO targets: SAM4L, EFR32MG21 and K82F. I already own Atmel-ICE and ST-LINKv2, would those suffice?


Hi Marco,

I believe the manufacturer JTAG programmers typically only support microcontrollers for that manufacturer.
There are generic JTAG programmers that work with many different targets. For example, we use Segger JLink debuggers a lot internally.

I’d recommend taking a look at OpenOCD’s hardware page: http://openocd.org/doc/html/Debug-Adapter-Hardware.html, since your best bet for software with most generic devices will be OpenOCD.


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