Just generate glitches with glitch explorer, no capture?

I don’t care about power capture with ADC and just want to generate glitches at different Ext Trigger Offset with glitch explorer. If I set the Glitch Trigger type to Ext Trigger:Single/Continous I see “WARNING:Timeout in OpenADC capture(), trigger FORCED” messages and the glitch explorer won’t step to next offset. If I set Glitch Trigger to Manual then explorer does the stepping but then the glitches are not at the right offset but stay fixed. Anyone has any idea?


It indeed looks like that if the trigger fails the value is not increased. From here I guess you either need to dive into the code or perhaps do the glitching in a small python script (set value , glitch,set value etc)

Have a look at software/chipwhisperer/tests/glitchscript.py and perhaps remove starting around line 130 and replace with a loop? calling things like self.api.setParameter([‘Glitch Module’, ‘Glitch Offset (as % of period)’,-3.5])?