Lab0 - Connecting to Hardware

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Issue 1:
For our first command, command_character='p' and ascii_encoded_bytes="00"*16 (keep in mind this isn’t a binary 0x00 , it’s ASCII "00" , which has a binary value of 0x3030 ). Try resending the 'p' command from earlier using target.write() :

target.write(‘p’ + ‘00000000000000000000000000000000’ + ‘\n’) #fill in the rest here

I searched for hours looking for something that is "ascii_encoded_bytes=“00”*16’ to no avail.
Eventually out of frustration I entered 32 zeros (16 bytes of 0’s) and I got a response…


Is this right?

Issue 2:
Let’s record some power traces!

The code block says

target.simpleserial_write(‘p’, msg)

fill in the rest…

What do you mean “## fill in the rest?” !!! I do not have the slightest clue.

I put

The result *Out[91] in RED"
array([ 0.05761719, 0.10449219, 0.10839844, …, 0.08496094,
-0.03613281, 0.08789062])

Is that right??

Issue 3:
Simple Serial not so simple to me. r, k p, it is not clicking for me yet and not even on lab 1!!!

Issue 1:

Issue 2:
Yep, that’s right. The result you received is an array of the power measurements. As you progress to the next labs, you’ll learn how to use these power traces.

Issue 3:
Have you had a look at the simpleserial documentation:

In the subsequent labs, you’ll find solution notebooks with answers.

Ah OK that makes me feel better! Thanks.