"Lab2_1B prompt is taking forever to execute!

Hello everyone, I’m trying to run this lab, and when I reach this point, it seems to run forever. Any advice?

My setup:



It looks like you’ve got the ADC timeout set to 5000 seconds. What’s probably happening is that your target isn’t responding for some reason, and your ChipWhisperer is taking a long time to timeout. Your traces also don’t look right. Have you modified any of the ADC/clock settings outside what’s done in the hardware file?


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No, I haven’t. I’ve also mentioned that the ChipWhisperer keeps disconnecting, and I have to replug it every time and run the code multiple times.

As you said, the plot does not look correct. I’ve tried to run it before, and it gave me a different plot; that’s another concern—“Inconsistency.”

My CW308-UFO setup is as follows:

  • 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V LDO SRC set at J1/CW.
  • 3.3V SRC set at J1/CW.
  • VADJ SRC set to 3.3V.
  • S1 set to ON.
  • J17 connected to MEASURE on CW.

I appreciate all the help guys!

Can you run print(scope) immediately before or after capturing a trace and posting the result?

I think I’ve fixed the problem with the CW disconnecting. I was commenting out the scope.arm() command, and now it works with a timeout in `OpenADC.capture()

scope.arm() is necessary to capture power traces. If that print(scope) is being run directly after the block above, then your device’s settings are incorrect. When you say your Lite is disconnecting, what behaviour do you see when it disconnects? How can you tell that it’s disconnected?


Hi Alex,

When I print print(scope), it sometimes says there’s a problem with cw.scope. I’m sorry, but you mentioned the device setting is incorrect. Can you tell me where I’m getting it wrong? Also, I’ve not configured anything special; I’m just trying to follow the instructions in the lab.

Your help is much appreciated as these errors take days to debug!


Can you post the error message that you get when the device disconnects? BTW you can use 2 sets of 3 backticks:

to paste code in the forum. When you reconnect, it clears the settings that are changed earlier in the lab with scope.default_setup().

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