LAB2_1B :SAM3U Serial buffers OVERRUN

I get this error:
" WARNING:root:SAM3U Serial buffers OVERRUN - data loss has occurred."
when running Lab 2_1B Power Analysis for Password Bypass. But it seems like the code still runs fine. i am able to find the correct password, but it does take a very long time.

Any tips with how to fix. i tried to look at some old forum posts which included removing some delays in the basic-passwdcheck.c file but it did not work.

From a previous post on this issue:

The serial buffer overrun message is caused by all the extraneous my_puts() messages that are output at the start of the while loop in main(); if you comment them out the error will go away. Iā€™m not sure why these are popping up now; regardless, you should be able to successfully complete the lab.

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