Lascar - Lab5.1(SCA101) CPA Attacks in Practice

To start of with this lab, I have to mention that there are some typos resulting into errors/exceptions(for instance some parenthesis missing to close the CPAEngine function just under in the LASCAR Quick Setup).

But the error I am getting is due to module lascar missing obviously (as illustrated in the attached snapshot).

Also it would be nice to be a little more explanatory to new concepts, even if it easy to google search things like what is Lascar & how we can exploit this tool to make the CPA attack any better or more realistic etc.

So if anyone has any suggestion on how to install lascar I would be grateful & also if possible give a short description of what it does or provide some guidance for learning more about it. I guess maybe by doing a pip install or git clone will get all the required files/modules, but I don’t want to risk to install it the wrong way.


You can find LASCAR at You’ll need to clone the repository and follow the setup instructions included in the repository. LASCAR does the same thing as ChipWhisperer Analyzer. We just suggest it for larger datasets because it is a faster implementation than CW Analyzer.