Linux - USB connection issue - cw.scope()

Initial install performed and failed many times. I am seeing errors on the hardware test that calls “” in the jupyter notebook looking for the CW on the usb port… so went looking further, since I’m not seeing any helpful feedback for a newbie.

Using IPython3 to debug … testing ‘cw.scope’ seems to throw the following while CW is plugged in:

Attribute Error: ‘USBDeviceHandle’ object has not attribut 'getSerialNumber’

Using IPython3 to debug … seems to throw the following while CW is not plugged in:

OSError: Could not find ChipWhisperer. Is it connected?

Anyone have any ideas on this one?


Can you post the stack trace of the error?


I cannot at this time. Is there something specific you’re looking for in the trace?

Yes, I’d like to see what line of code raised the error.

I’m typing it instead of copy/paste, so disregard any syntax errors while we look at the error:

At the end of the trace:

Attribute Error: ‘USBDeviceHandle’ object has no attribute ‘getSerialNumber’
line 242 of in open (self, serial_number, idProduct, connect_to_first)
–> return [data & 0xff, (data >> 8) & 0xff, (data >> 16) & 0xff, (data >> 24) & 0xff]

Hm, looking at the source code for libusb1, that method definitely exists for USBDeviceHandle. Can you try pip uninstalling libusb1, then reinstalling it?