Login on CW5.Jupyter


I’ve download virtual machine CW5.Jupyter.20181124.zip and run it on VirtualBox 5.2. I working on Windows 10 x64 without internet connection.
The linux booting finishing fine but they asking ubuntu-bionic login. In CW5_README.pdf file in 11 point wrote: “There should be no need login.”
Previosly login “cwuser” & “cwpassword” not working.

What should I do?


The username and password are both vagrant. You don’t do anything from inside the VM though, instead connecting to it through your browser via (see the rest of the readme for more details).

Let us know if you run into any more issues


Thank’s a lot! It’s work!

Hello for eveyone! I have such problem again. I’ve download the CW5.Jupyter.201959, change password “vagrant” and now I can’t come by browser to localhost:8888 or I use Win 8.1 with Chrome.


Have you:

  • Changed the Jupyter password with jupyter notebook password
  • Rebooted the VM after changing the password


Oh, thank’s again, It’s working!
This happened bekause I’m weak user of Linux and Jupyter. I found manual how to add a password here https://jupyter-notebook.readthedocs.io/en/stable/public_server.html. Maybe it can help for someone like me.

Again thanks!