Looking for ChipWhisperer-Lite Arm some components part number

Hi, I’m new to this form, nice to be here.
I want to buy ChipWhisperer-Lite Arm and then divide the two boards. Im’ looking for 90 degree 20 pin connector part number and SMA connectors part number, I can’t find this information around.
Are other components useful to buy for this board? Are there any suggestions?
I want to buy board and components at the same time on Mouser.

Have a nice day


I don’t think we have a particular part number, but any 0.1" pitch 20-pin connector should work for the 20-pin. Same with the SMA connector (those should be pretty standard).

If you don’t want to go digging for some, the following parts were taken from another user’s mouser order:

N2520-5002RB 3M Electronic Solutions Division | Mouser Canada right angle 20-pin
73251-1150 Molex | Mouser Canada sma connector

Here’s the cables you’ll need as well:



thank you very much, I will buy those components