LPC1114 lab questions 2

Hello again guys, I’m still trying the Act 2 lab of the 6th chapter of The Hardware Hacking Handbook and while I managed to make everything else work (I guess), when I try to glitch the device this is what happens:

In the book it shows [NORMAL] when, I presume, it’s working correctly. Could someone help me understand why it’s printing [FAILED]?


Try changing:

except IOError:


except IOError as e:
    print("[FAILED]: {}".format(str(e)))

That should tell you what’s failing here


Hello Alex!

I did what you told me and it’s printing now “[FAILED]: No sync string”. Which is strange, I just tested the rest of the code and it works without errors. I guess it’s having trouble communicating with the board during the glitch?

Seeing the other posts with troubles with the CWNANO glitching is making me wonder if I’m getting “No sync string” because the glitch is too long and the board is always on reset.