LPC1114 lab questions

Hello guys, can anybody send me the soldering conections beneath the LPC1114? I’m new to soldering and I’m having problems communicating with the board. Searching the forums I found out that probably my problem is with the connections and wondered if anyone could send a picture so I can compare with mine.


All the connections should be on the front of the board. The only soldering below the board is for the nrst header, which is just tying the two non-ground pins together.


Hi Alex!

Could you send me a picture or something? Sorry for the trouble, english isn’t my first language so I’m having trouble understanding how to connect the nrst header. I did it like so, the solder line is the nrst with the 3-pin header:

But now I’m getting “No string sync” error and don’t know why.

And here the board:

Try disconnecting the final solder point on the nrst header. I believe that’s ground, so you’re probably holding the LPC in reset.


Sorry disregard that, I mistakenly thought that all the pins on that row were ground. Here’s some pictures of the one I’ve used for demos in the past:


In the end it’s just that I had forgot to erase the STM32 target of the CWNANO so it doesn’t interfere with the connection of a external target.