Manual Trigger Width CW-Lite

Hello which width is used for the voltage glitching attacks, when i use the manual trigger function and “enable_only”?

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The width should be roughly scope.glitch.repeat * scope.clock.clkgen_freq.

Hi when the width is repeat*frequency are there still more than one glitchs injected? And what is the maximum width for this setting or is there no maximum?
I used the manual trigger to determine the max. repeat value for my target until it crashs. Is this test plausible? So can i say if the target still works for example with a repeat value of 10 with manual trigger (width = 10 * e.g. 20ns = 200ns) then it will definitely work in ext_single mode with repeat = 10 and width = 50% = 10ns
Thanks again

I´ve observed something really strange. When i have the CW-Lite nRST Pin connected to the reset pin of my target, it crashs at repeat values of 4. When i disconnect the nRST Pin the board crashs at values of 54. I cannot explain what happens here and why this happens. Do you have a answer to this?