Max Voltage for sense/mesure

Hi all, Sorry if this seems to be a stupid question. Ive just got myself a CW-lite and am just starting to use it but have read there is a 3.3v limit. Can anyone advise if this is just for the I/O? or for the sense and glitch too? i…e whats the highest voltage i can connect the sense line to?



Hi Mat,
Good question, better to ask first than to be sorry later!
The measure port hits the AD8831 amplifier and according to its datasheet, the absolute max is 5.2V.
The glitch function works by shorting Vcc and ground (see here for a walkthrough).
Finally for the I/O, you can use the CW506 to deal with different I/O levels.
Hope this helps,

Ah perfect, thats just the info i needed :slight_smile: Although now I have another issue. how do i get the software to work. tried the windows installer and manual install and both end up with issues :frowning: is there a up to date guide for installing the software that actually reflects the latest version?