Missing auxiliary module and python scripts


I Was trying to run “Tutorial B3-1 Timing Analysis with Power for Password Bypass” with the XMEGA target board. When I reached to the Automatic Resets part, I was trying to navigate to the auxiliary modules folder:
chipwhisperer\software\chipwhisperer\capture\auxiliary\ and open ResetCW1183Read.py and the scripts isn’t there.
(I’m using the virtual machine latest version)
In addition, I don’t have the option of “Reset AVR/XMEGA via CW-Lite” on the “Auxiliary Module” settings on CWCapture.

Am I doing somthing wrong or It’s version issue?

Confirmed - looking at this folder during v0.11 shows that this script isn’t there. I think we updated this tutorial in the meantime…

We need to release a new VM version really soon. In the meantime, I’ll try to update this tutorial to work with GPIO toggle.

One thing you can try: if you want to get the most recent software, you can run the command git pull from anywhere inside the chipwhisperer folder. That will definitely get you the most recent scripts, but I haven’t tested whether anything else is broken on the VM after you do this.

I just tried this on my VM image and the Reset AVR option appeared. This should work for you too - let me know if it doesn’t. I also updated the install instructions to include a note about this (under Using VM Virtual Machine).

It’s possible to do this tutorial with GPIO toggle, but it involves wiring one of the GPIO pins to the XMEGA’s reset pin… I might just take this out of the tutorial.

Is the Reset AVR option should work with the XMEGA terget board ?
when I try to turn this option nothing happens and the 1 capture button turn grey.

Can you upload this tutorial with explanations about the GPIO toggle part ?

Are you using “Reset AVR/XMEGA via CW-Lite”, or are you trying to use the other “Reset AVR”? I can look into the greyed-out Capture 1 - that definitely shouldn’t happen.

I’ll see if I can add a note about hardware resets with GPIO, but we’ve got a lot going on right now - what’s stopping you from using the Reset XMEGA aux module now?

When I try to select aux module I don’t have the option of “Reset AVR/XMEGA via CW-Lite”.

I’m confused. This script definitely isn’t in the v0.11 software, but it is in the latest “master” version of the software. Did you run git pull?