Multiple serial commands (read and put)

Hi all.

I am trying to use multiple of “simple_serial_read_witherrors” and simplesserial_put within the same execution. However, only the first one returns a valid value.

Is there a way to make this works?

Regards and thanks in advance;

Can you provide more detail on what you’re doing: what’s the order of the write and reads, and what’s the size of each payload?

thanks for your reply:

I am performing clock glitch experiments.
the payload can be with different sizes, for the order it could be as the following:
in the Python side:
val = target.simpleserial_read_witherrors(‘r’,50,glitch_timeout=10)
#few statments or nothing
val2 = target.simpleserial_read_witherrors(‘r’,30,glitch_timeout=10)
in the C side:
//few statements