MultiTarget Victim Board with chipwhisperer lite

Hi! everyone!

I already buy ChipWhisperer-lite Board.
and I want test some smart cards.

so, I search the shop, and find out ‘MultiTarget Victim Board’.
and It has card slot.

Is it work with ChipWhisperer-lite Board??

who’s anyone try it??

If it doesn’t work, what I need??

and I can see the breakout boards, what is it??

Hello there,

There isn’t currently SmartCard support in the CW-Lite. It’s something I’m working on, and in fact there is a new (but not yet released) adapter board with a SmartCard socket.

As such right now if you want to use a SmartCard with the CW-Lite it requires some level of your own work. In particular an adapter to perform reads/writes from the smartcard will have to be created, and you can add an appropriate current shunt.

Be careful if using an external reader as many are 5V, but the CW-Lite only supports 3.3V! Inputting any 5V signals will cause damage.

What sort of specific cards are you looking to talk with?

Thank you to your reply!!

is any board work with your multi victim board?

can i use it with any oscillocopes??