My target board is not sending an answer back

I am running a glitch attack and I used the tutorial project simple-glitch. I added my c files and compiled the code for the target board stm32f3. I have a cw308 chipwhisperer.
My code is successfully compiled(it is composed of three routines: key generation signing and verification) and has the following characteristic:

Code size: 13948 .bss .data.text
Stack memory: KeyGen 36424
Sign 61312
Verify 40664
Public key size: 1312
Secret key size: 2528
Signature size: 2420

For the moment, I am testing only the key generation, but I noticed that when I call the key generation (without injecting the fault) that the target board does not return back a dummy value I set at the end of the key generation.
When I debugged the code, I noticed that the problems comes when filling a matrice of side 16384 bytes.

As far as I know the stm32f3 board has a flash memory of 256kb and the code size and stack memory will use the flash memory. Is that correct?
Otherwise, do you have an idea why this is happening?


No, stack memory will use RAM - you can’t really use flash memory as stack, as you need to erase an entire page before you can write to it again.