Need Guidance on Implementing Power Analysis Attack

Hey everyone,

I’m diving headfirst into the world of embedded systems security, and I’m particularly fascinated by power analysis techniques. This whole idea of gleaning information from a device’s power consumption is mind-blowing!

I’m currently working on a project to understand these vulnerabilities better, but I know there’s a lot to learn. For those of you who’ve explored power analysis before, I’d love to hear your insights!

  • What are some key considerations when choosing hardware and software tools for this type of analysis?
  • Are there any common pitfalls I should watch out for as I design my attack strategy?
  • Any must-read resources (tutorials, articles, research papers) that would be a great starting point?

I also check this : Implementing new model - AES FPGA CPA attackinfomatica bdm But I have not found any

Thanks in advance!

One of the main goals of ChipWhisperer is to provide a low-cost platform to learn about side channel attacks and defenses.

Installing ChipWhisperer will get you a whole set of Jupyter notebooks that teach the basics from the ground up (e.g. chipwhisperer-jupyter/courses/sca101 at master · newaetech/chipwhisperer-jupyter · GitHub).

Some of these notebooks require ChipWhisperer hardware; some include pre-recorded power traces which allow you to follow along without any hardware.

There is also Colin’s Hardware Hacking Handbook: The Hardware Hacking Handbook | No Starch Press