New UFO FPGA boards


I have the UFO board with the Spartan 6 FPGA target board, and it works well. However, Spartan 6 is not supported in Vivado, and seems to be to become obsolete soon, since Xilinx ISE is not supported for Windows 10. Are there any immediate plans on releasing an FPGA UFO target board with a chip that’s supported in Vivado (e.g. Spartan 7) with an associated example project? (or any other vendor for that matter, as long as it’s a more modern chip).

Not an UFO board but we do have the CW305 which has an Artix 7. More expensive but you get a lot of extra features, on top of the more modern and larger FPGA.


Regarding this: the online store does not give option for the 7A100 version or the “SOCKET” version. Any other way to order these options?

Yes, they are available from Mouser: