No trigger seen when capture the trace

I wrote two files, simpleserial-xor and Makefile, according to the official documentation doc.

And compile them into hex files on the CW308_STM32F3 platform, and import them into the hardware according to the code in Lab2_A. But I couldn’t capture the energy trace, showing “No trigger seen”.

Could anyone tell me how to correctly capture energy traces?

simpleserial-xor code

The only change is that the order of simpleserial_addcmd('k', 16, buf) and simpleserial_addcmd('p', 16, buf) has been exchanged relative to the document you provided.(The reason why I exchanged them is I think the key should be read first)

Makefile code


By above I got my hex file.

My Lab code

These codes are provided by the Lab2_A

It can be seen that the hex file was been upload to the hardware successfully

But can not capture the traces

I dont know what I did wrong, hoping for your help!Thanks!

Simpleserial V2 actually uses 0x01 for both the key and plaintext, then uses the scmd field to determine which to write to.

Alex Thanks for your reply.
As you said, if I have a function called “getkey” which is for reading key stream(the key buffer “key[16]” have been created),like “key[i]=k[i]” .

I want to know whether i need to code"simpleserial_addcmd(0x01, k, 16, getkey);".

No, scmd is a field that is passed to getkey (or any other callback you use), not to simpleserial_addcmd. I’d recommend taking a look at simpleserial-aes to see how this field is used.