Not able to voltage glitch with CW PRO on STM32

Hello Together,

I try to do voltage glitching with the CW Pro. But unfortunately none of the tutorials work. I also find very less information about CW Pro as everyone seems to use CW Lite. I try to glitch the STM32 on the CW308.
I found this Voltage glitch is not working on STM32f3 (CW308) topic, but they also use the CW Lite, however, according to this post my setup should be right.
Could some one please tell me how to get a glitch out of this thing.

  • Is it right that I use the only the 20 Pin connector?
  • Is there a python script that’s proven to work with the CW Pro and the STM32 ?
    To get a successful glitch from the CW would be helpful as starting point.

Thank you

Hi Lukas,

The Lite and the Pro have the exact same glitch MOSFETs, so there isn’t much difference glitching with a Lite and glitching with a Pro.

No, you need to connect the glitch out SMA on the Pro to the VOUT SMA on the CW308 in addition to the 20 pin connector.


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Thank you for the quick response, got it working

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