On Faul 1_1 which is the oscilating pin

Hi, everyone I’m newbie on Chipwhisperer-lite with XMEGA target.
I want to now how to check the pin on the code or documentation to check it out on the external oscope.
On file glitchsimple.c only appears like trigger_high();

Please advice.
Best Regards,

This is covered in the 1- Connecting to Hardware notebook: the trigger_high() function sets the IO4 line high, which is the default trigger (and what’s used by most of our courses).

BTW I think glitchsimple.c is only used in archived courses; everything under archive was kept around in case you’ve run it before and want to refer back to it. If you’re starting fresh, you should use the material here instead.

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I updated the courses and copy to user folder. As recommended on the docs.

Thanks for your advice.