only catch 3000 waves

Dear colin

i made one chip whisperer lite by myself i buy the chips from digi key and assmble them by myself

now i can use chip whisperer capture connect the board and i have already programmed the xmega target.

the firmware and the source code are chipwhisperer-0.12RC1

but i can only catch 3000 waves

1:can you help me about the debug logging
2:is there any hardware wrong may cause this problems
3:the target xmega board LED are always not flash, i do not know why.


is there any bootloader file should be programed to the xmega chip first?

i suggest you give us the hex file instend give us a python make file now in RC


Ah… yes you need to program the XMEGA, the CW-Lite has a programmer so no need for a bootloader.

I can upload the hex-file tomorrow, I’m still on the road so don’t have my dev computer with me. But if you have avr-gcc installed you can run “make” in “chipwhisperer\hardware\victims\firmware\simpleserial-aes”.




i have find the promblem
some res did not plant



Glad you solved it - not sure what exactly went wrong though?

As a note, the firmware files were added to the GIT repo at hardware\victims\firmware\simpleserial-aes

i have send a emai to you could you give me a reply
some qustions about the different between my wave and yours chipwhisper lite