Open Monitor Error

Hi again,

I have sakura-gw board with smart card. I also have “chipwhisperer-0.12RC1” installed on my windows 7 and FTDI drivers as well. Chipwhisperer shows that “one capture complete”.

i have encountered a problem. What is actual error? Following is the error “?” :

This is script command:

and my List enabled/disabled modules:

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Hi Bahar,

This isn’t a very serious error, so don’t worry too much!

Do you have the PyCrypto package installed? This field is supposed to show the expected ciphertext using the input plaintext and key. However, if you don’t have PyCrypto installed, it can’t calculate the ciphertext. This isn’t a big deal as long as you’re confident the output really is correct.

There are AES functions programmed in ChipWhisperer so it should be possible to take away the PyCrypto dependency if someone is motivated to do it :slight_smile:

Hi gideon,

thank you so much for quick reply :mrgreen: i installed pycrypto, but still i see question mark :confused: i dont like question marks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: thank you again.

and when i hit the M capture (multi capture)