OSError: XMEGA Command 20 failed: err=1, timeout=1

Hi all

I am a student at a university in Belgium and I have recently received a ChipWhisperer Lite board with an 8-bit XMEGA target board attached via the pcb.
When I try to follow the jupyter tutorials I come into an issue when trying to program the target (OSError: XMEGA Command 20 failed: err=1, timeout=1) in jupyter notebook [1 - Connecting to Hardware.ipynb].

I have tried to fix the problem but can not find a solution.

If someone can help me out that would be great. Thanks.
Kind regards

PS: I have used the vagrant files available on github to run the jupyter notebooks on windows 10 using VirtualBox. When that didn’t work I tried to use a Lubuntu install on VirtualBox and followed the instructions on how to install everything on linux. At both “machines” I run into the same issue.
(in the package I received I got the test results of the board and it states that the programmer should be working though)

I found the issue and feel somewhat stupid. After trying to program a wrong file the programmer goes into an ERROR state and I have to disconnect it first before trying to program again. So if anyone has the same issue be ware.

kind regards S.U.