Parameter Ext_Offset

I´ve used a global step of 0.4 for width, offset and the ext_offset. Now in the glitch results it shows me float values for the ext_offset, but i think the ext_offset only is an integer. So what is the actual value if i have an ext_offset of 1.6 or 1.4? Is it rounded up at 0.5 to 1?

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Does scope.glitch.ext_offset read as a float (the actual scope object, not the glitch manager)? Otherwise, if it’s from the glitch manager, ext_offset there is a value internal to the glitch manager. This will be converted to an integer before being set on the ChipWhisperer, which always results in the value being rounded down.


Ok thanks i set values of e.g. 1.6 for the ext_offset and attack the target with that value. So my attack is actually with a value of 1 right?

Yup, that’s correct.

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