Payload is none and valid is false

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use simpleserial_put and read with a large number of bytes. However, the response sometimes true and sometimes false, anyone can help with this? I am using lite board with arm stm32f3 target.


The 'valid': False means that the response didn’t look valid (simpleserial responses must begin with an ASCII character and end with '\n'). The full_response field should be useful in determining why the response failed. If full_response is also empty, your target isn’t responding at all, so there’s likely something wrong with your TX message or firmware.

What firmware version are you on? Firmware versions earlier than 0.20 lack a way for the software to check the amount left in the TX buffer on the Lite, meaning TX messages can be cut short.

Something to keep in mind is that simpleserial/chipwhisperer really isn’t meant for large messages. The RX buffer is only 200 bytes (so you can only send ~99 ASCII encoded data bytes) and is even smaller on earlier firmware versions. Anything larger than that will overflow the buffer if you don’t read fast enough.


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