PhyWhisperer-USB: Stream capture supported?

Hello, I found an issue on github ( mentioning stream capture was not supported in October 2019.

Is it supported now in PhyWhisperer and the ViewSB backend (i.e. is it possible to specify size=0 and get a stream of USB traffic)? If so, what is the effective throughput?

Thank you,


Hi Adam,
Yes stream capture is supported (I think what happened there is that I submitted the PR for the ViewSB changes required while I was still finishing the work required on my side, so that we’d have everything ready in time for our release).

In the PhyWhisperer repo there’s a stream.ipynb notebook to show how to use it. Let me know if you run into any issues with it. Data throughput will depend on the characteristics of your USB traffic, due to the timestamping that we add to every raw USB byte.


Hi Jean-Pierre, thank you for the quick answer!