PicoEMP / Low Cost EMFI

As a short announcement thread - we’ve been working on a low-cost EMFI tool, which we pushed designs for on GITHub. It’s still somewhat beta and the firmware needs work to be “useful”, but it may be interesting for this forum:

You can find design files up here: GitHub - newaetech/chipshouter-picoemp: Why not run micropython on your EMFI tool?

It was inspired a bit after my Remoticon talk - which included a RSA demo on the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+: GitHub - colinoflynn/remoticon-2021-levelup-hardware-hacking: Colin O'Flynn's Hacakday talk at Remoticon 2021 support repo. . So now you can use a R-Pi Pico to attack a R-Pi Model 3 B+!