PicoEMP pinout doubts

Hello again,

I was looking for some info abut the pinout of the PicoEMP. and what could be his possible usage but I wasn’t unable to find any, I saw the introduction video, and also tried to find on other videos and in the ‘user manual’ of ChipShouter, but I was’t luky enough to find that info, so here are my questions

It has 3 pin headers:
P1: GP0 to GP5 and GND
P2: HVP and GND

The readme says “External HVP mode: a pulse generator can be used to control EM pulse insertion”, so I understand it must be connected to P2 header

Also says “Fast triggering using GPIO0” this is GP0 from pin header P1, isn’t it? It can be used to connect GPIO4 from target board and trigger a pulse with rising edge like with chipwhisperer?

What are header P3’s “CHG” and “PWM” pins for?

Also wanted to know if the pulse power value has direct relation with the coil tip characteristics, and if so how can we make calculations to keep it under safe values? IDK maybe there is a min or max level can be configured based on uH value of the coil like let’s say I have a coil with 0.8mm wire, 4mm diameter 15 windings and 3.3uH so calculating X Z and Y the safe or valid power values are from 0.0050 to 1.3259 (This values are completely fictitious)

#define PULSE_POWER_DEFAULT 0.0122

Also there is another part of the firmware I don’t know what is for:
What this GP1 stands for?

Thank for your help guys!!!