Please advice for hardware confiuration for SPA

please help to build hardware configuration to implement SPA analysis on Freescale 12 Mhz MCU.
My target using is 3DES and TEA algorythm.
Seems its a simpilest attack and cane be good for start.

I have oscilliscope:

Do i need complete CW kit, or can use some lite version?
thank you.


If you can get a Rigol scope interface working in the CW software, you really don’t need anything :wink: Basically you’d need to generate a suitable interface code using the serial port, and from there trigger the operation you wish to record. For symmetric key the DPA attacks are more useful normally, SPA is used for asymmetric crypto examples.

But as a starting point the CW-Lite might be easier as it gives you a “known good” working point. It will be available shortly (and at DEFCON too in person).

Warm Regards,

-Colin O’Flynn

Thanks for the answer,
i’d like to get CWM-LITE for my experiments, so i will wait when it will be available.
Btw, i don’t understant clearly how to interface my Freescale board to CWM-lite.
Do i need to use CLOCK from CWM-Lite instead of native clock generator for my board?
Can you advice some simple example link?
At CWM wiki i saw only AVR support with mult-target board.
For my microcontroller im sending 8 bytes DES plaintext via RS232 protocol and geting 8-byte reply at 38400 baud. (can be lowered to 9600).

so interfacing rigol oscilloscope to cw-lite would give similiar ability like a device clock synchronisation in rigol ?