Please consider doing a study on OpenPGP Smartcard

I have just found your product chipwhisper and it is truly impressive. I do not have the budget to purchase this equipment or I would love to do the research to see if OpenPGP Smartcard will leak secret key information.

They can be purchased from either … ucts_id=42

I know the GPG community would love to know how far these hold up and I’m sure it would bring lots of media attention to the project and whoever is skilled enough to work on it.

Thanks for the idea - I hadn’t seen those before, so will read up on them a little and order one to play with! Lots of projects on-going still so might take a little while before I get into the details, but will see what I can find…



ask, because during measurments in the SAKURA-G board at the amplifier output, the signals has a component at 48 MHz, that is expected, but have another component, even stronger that the leader of about 4-5 MHz.
I verified it with two different algorithms running on the FPGA and the result was the same.
What is the reason of the existence of this frequency component ?