Power measurements with Chipwhisperer


We are trying to measure power consumption of the CW305 board by using Chipwhisperer-Lite Capture board. However, the power traces that are captured are AC signals after their DC component has been removed. Is there a way to obtain power traces together with their DC component? We understand that DC is unwanted for attacks, but in this case, we just want to use the power measurements so that we can compare the power when DVFS is applied on CW305. Has anyone tried this?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, there’s no way to make the Lite DC-Coupled. I’d recommend just using an oscilloscope if you need to measure a DC-coupled signal.



Thanks for the answer. Sure, we are going to use an oscilloscope. We just thought it would be nice to have everything in the same place, both the measurements and the code to process them.