Power traces with custom target


I am trying to measure power traces on the CW305 Artix 7 without using any encryption. For example, just trying to write and overwrite memory and capture the power traces. Don’t care about power traces. How would I do that?


What you need is a trigger for the power trace capture.
I recommend you use the same mechanism we use in our AES demo, where the trigger and target operation are initiated via a register write.
This is explained in our CW305 appnote.

Ty for the response. I’ve read the whitepaper several times now, and I guess I’m more confused on how to integrate my design with the CW305 in Vivado. I’m not totally sure how to relate the two.

I recommend simulating and looking at waveforms to figure out how it all works.
Just go here and run make DUMP=1 (you’ll need iverilog and gtkwave).