Powering the CW308 UFO board from a Lipo Battery

For my project purpose, I need to power the 308 UFO board (target board is XMEGA) from a battery. For, the overall system requirement I am planning to use a 1-S Lipo battery which has a nominal voltage 3.7V. Now, the XMEGA 128D4-U has a Vcc max mentioned 3.6V for the general operating conditions. So, is it safe to use that Lipo to power the board? Additionally, can I get suggestions on how I can connect an external battery as a power supply for the CW308 UFO board with the XMEGA target?

I case, capture board is ChipWhisperer lite.

Thanks for your time!


Keep in mind that though the nominal rating for a lipo might be 3.7V, its voltage at max charge is usually quite a bit higher (I’m seeing 4.2V max at 100% charge for a typical 1S battery). In either case you’ll want some sort of regulation on the output of that battery.


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