Problem on loading an existing script

Hi, i am trying to complete tutorial 7 (Tutorial B7 Profiling Attacks (with HW Assumption)) and when i try to load ChipWhisperer-Rev2: SimpleSerial Target script an error occurs which says FAILED TO FIND USB DEVICE and also some warnings come out that inform me about the next:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/common/api/”, line 239, in connectScope
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/”, line 60, in con
if self._con():
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/”, line 98, in _con
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/openadc_interface/”, line 60, in con
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/cwhardware/”, line 240, in loadRequired
self.loader.loadRequired(self.loadFPGA, forceFirmware)
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/cwhardware/”, line 131, in loadRequired
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/cwhardware/”, line 310, in probe
raise Warning(“Failed to find USB Device”)
Warning: Failed to find USB Device

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/common/api/”, line 395, in runScriptClass
eval(‘m.%s()’ % funcName)
File “”, line 1, in
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/capture/scripts/”, line 71, in run
for cmd in lstexample: self.api.setParameter(cmd)
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/common/api/”, line 412, in setParameter
File “/home/cwuser/chipwhisperer/software/chipwhisperer/common/utils/”, line 719, in setParameter
if isinstance(child.getOpts().get(“values”, None), dict):
Warning: Could not execute method run in script class UserScript: ‘AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getOpts’:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getOpts’’

Here I have to admit that all the other scripts work file and are loaded correctly.What am I supposed to do?

Hi papafra,

ChipWhisperer software compatibility with the ChipWhisperer Rev-2 was dropped awhile ago (Any use of the chipwhisperer-rev2 scripts should raise a deprecation warning in recent releases), but you should be able to use a much earlier version of software. Just get an earlier release from the github releases page. Version 3.4 could work but you may need to go earlier.

Hope this gives you at least a little bit of direction, good luck.