Problem with serial connection for STM32 target



I am currently trying to get the tutorial B1 (simple serial) running for the CW308T UFO board with an STM32F4 target.

I first tried the XMEGA target from the ChipWhisperer lite which worked perfectly.
Then I also tried the XMEGA target board for the CW308 which also worked as expected.

However, for the STM32 target boards (I tried different ARM targets) I can’t get the serial connection to work:

  • Programming works for both ChipWhisperer lite as well as with the ST-LINK/V
  • I also checked that the target is running with the ST-LINK software
  • When I run the CWCapture software I always get the following when triggering an encryption (after running connect and setup scripts):

INFO:SimpleSerial: protocol V1.0 detected
WARNING:Response length from target shorter than expected (0<34): “”.
WARNING:Timeout in OpenADC capture(), trigger FORCED
WARNING:Timeout in OpenADC capture(), trigger FORCED

Attached a picture that shows the configuration of my UFO board:

Any ideas what might be the problem or things that I may have missed?

BR and thanks for any help in advance