Problems Configuring sakura-g

Good day

I’m trying to configure sakura-g FPGA using Impact but i get an error that rom_sakura_g_control.cfi does not exist
The configuration file that I’m using is rom_sakura_g_control.mcs.

“INFO:iMPACT- A CFI file is not detected.To ensure correct and safe configuration,please make sure a CFI file is present in the same directory as the PROM file,or, regenerate the PROM file with the latest software.”

I have followed the same steps before and programmed successfully

Please help


The CFI file is used for revision mapping I thought, and wasn’t needed in this case (just a single revision in the PROM). Perhaps this was a change in the latest version of the tools? I’ll try myself when I get a chance, still travelling right now so much slower sorry…