Problems in Lab 1_1B - AES Loop Skip Fault Attack in Practice

Hello, I am using:


I am facing problems with the tutorial Lab1_1B from fault201. There is no result trying to print the key_guess, I think the error is modifying the code of the TinyAES128 or choosing parameters for the attack.

At first, I didn´t have to modify nothing because the parameter volatile was included in the code.


After that, i continued with the tutorial, i got the last scope,
This is the code to get the scope and the scope zoomed.


I chose the range 200-300 to glitch. These are the other parameters I use:

  • scope.glitch.width = 2.75
  • scope.glitch.offset = -12.9

After that, I tried the next part of the tutorial, and I have the first warning, it doesn´t glitch at any point, so I don´t get any trace. This is the code:

The following part of the tutorial seems to work, I get this trace twice:

Finally, I don´t get any result in key_guess.

Thank you for reading.

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I still have the same problem, I have tried differents parameters for the glitch, maybe i am wrong with the range to glitch, but i can´t understand where ends the last round.

I’m stuck with the same problem (LITEXMEGA).
Did you find the correct parameters?