Problems installing Windows XP

Good afternoon.
I’m trying to install a package 3.1.9 on Windows XP. Russian - the operating system interface language.
When set to python I have a failure occurs on the install packages it due to problems with the encoding. When installed on a python or all packages are installed correctly, but refuses to turn on CWAnalyzer.pov application.It gives a number of errors:

How can I help with installation?Thank you for attention.

I decided to launch windose problem on XP, it turned out that the operating system does not function SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID.
After editing the file and CWAnalyzer.pyw CWCapture.pyw, namely by removing the branch with a challenge:

Windows work-around

    if == "nt":  
            myappid = u'newaetech.chipwhisperer.capture.git '# arbitrary string         
            ctypes.windll.shell32.SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID (myappid)

It was possible to run the application.
Thank you for attention.


Thanks for the report - sorry on the slow response on our side! I’ll check if I can add a fix into the GIT repo to avoid other people getting hit with the problem.