Question About OpenADC Scope


We recently got the password recovery lab working on the CWXMEGA128 Lite kit.

Very good lab. I am trying to track down where the OpenADC scope is getting its’ powerline data. The return power trace function has the scope commands:

The Scope.Arm() command seems to be the best place to look.

  1. Where is this code in the CW folder? I found several locations that have OpenADC python code. (C:\chipwhisperer\software\chipwhisperer\capture\scopes) and ( C:\chipwhisperer\openadc\controlsw\python\openadc).

  2. The Scope.Arm() code uses a Trigger signal to synch the hardware and software on the Chip Whisperer. Where can you measure this signal on the board? Is it on one of the I/O ports? Or another one of the pins?



You’ll mostly want to look in chipwhisperer/capture/scopes/ For the FPGA, the openadc folder is the correct place to look, but I’m not very familiar with that part of the code.