Questions about using other cards in CW

Hi Colin,
Recently I tried to use some other smart card (ST33F) to be the victim of CW and met some problems.
My supervisor told me this card was very similar to the ATMega163 card from SASEBO,
so I tried to follow your tutorial of attack on ATMega163.
All things seemed to be right, and the card had also successfully done the encryption.
However there had been no traces to be recorded at the same time.
I guessed that the ST33F card might not give signals which let the board to trigger because I tried every panels in trigger pins setting and no settings there could work.
(or it recorded some strange traces…)
So would you have any advice about this situation?
I guess that maybe I could send other signals from my PC to be the trigger signals to capture,
do you think this idea constructive?

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards,