Read TIO pin state


I do need to implement a while do loop till one of the TIO pins get high. So basically glitch with different offsets incrementing in the loop till an external signal stops it.
Anyone can help me with that?


Let’s say you’re using TIO3.
First, allow the target to drive it: = 'high_z'

Then, simply poll on scope.advancedSettings.cwEXTRA.readTIOPin(3) to read the pin state. The function will return False if TIO3 is low or undriven; it will return True if TIO3 is driven high.

Oh that was fast. Thank you.

Is this also implemented in the cwlite or only cw1200?


Both, but make sure you’re on the latest CW release (5.6.1) because this feature didn’t exist in older releases.